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Your application form will be checked to ensure it is eligible for the Community Event Grant and that you have provided all the information required – if we require additional information to make a decision you will be given 5 working days to provide this.

All applications will be considered by an Officer Panel who will consider applications against the following:

  • Location to ensure a spread of events across the borough
  • Number of beneficiaries and value for money for the number of beneficiaries
  • Any lasting benefits from the event
  • Community involvement in planning and running the event
  • The extent to which the event celebrates the themes, i.e. building on the sense of community spirit created by Telford’s 50th birthday and at least one of the other three themes identified in our criteria above.

The Panel will make recommendations to the Managing Director and Council Leader, explanation will also be given as to why some applications are not recommended.

The final decision for allocation rests with the Managing Director and Council Leader.

All applicants will be informed of the decision on their application by Friday 15 March 2019.

Successful applicants will be sent two copies of a grant agreement letter and a request for bank account details. They must sign and return one copy of the grant agreement letter alongside providing their bank account details.

Once these documents have been received by the Council your payment will be processed.