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Successful applicants will be provided with a Guidance on Communications document, this will help you to think about the tools you might want to use to tell the public about your event. It will also provide you with the logo’s that you are required to use to promote your event. The Telford & Wrekin Council and Pride in Our Community logo should be used on all marketing materials in relation to the event.

Prior to your event you will be asked to share any promotional materials with us so that we can promote your event and you are asked to register your event on Discover Telford. All successful applicants are required to make photographs of their event available to the Council. These photographs will be shared on social media and may be used to form any other public materials (such as videos) to promote the events that have taken place in the borough over the year. We advise that you make the subjects of photographs aware of where these will be used and that they will be shared with Telford & Wrekin Council for their publicity of grant supported events.

Following your event you will be asked to complete a short evaluation form to let us know how it went, this will include things such as how many people attended, what took place on the day and whether there are any plans for future events following the success of your event. You will be provided with a copy of this evaluation form with your offer letter. You will also be asked to confirm how your grant money was spent, the Council retains the right to reclaim any monies not spent in accordance with your grant agreement letter or not spent 3 months of your event.