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Regenerating community facilities

£990,000 are available to refurbish, purchase or adapt community buildings and facilities. This is one of the areas that people said they most wanted any legacy funding to support.

Community groups and organisations are asked to come forward with proposals for the fund to support.

With match funding, the total value of this part of the Telford 50 Legacy Fund would total at least £1.225 million.

Please view the schemes below:

Grant for Town Council refurbishment

The first scheme is worth £750,000, with £150,000 available for each of the borough’s five main towns and population centres – Dawley, Madeley, Newport, Oakengates and Wellington. View more information.

Small buildings grant fund

The second scheme is a £240,000 “small grant” fund that is available for community buildings’ regeneration anywhere in the borough. This awards grants of up to £20,000. View more information.