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"Welcome to Telford" signs

Welcome to Telford signs
A number of new ‘Welcome to Telford’ signs are being installed at various “gateway” locations in the borough.

The signs feature the iconic Thomas Telford statue located in the Courts area of Telford Town Centre.

Both the statue and the square featured in the signs underwent a major restoration last year as part of Telford 50 celebrations, also with the help of Telford 50 Legacy Fund.

The new “Welcome to Telford” signs have been installed on the A5, Castle Farm Way, A442 Brockton, A5223 Lawley, B5061 Holyhead Road, A4169 Buildwas, A5223 Whitchurch Drive, A518 Clocktower and A442 Shawbirch.

More ‘Welcome to Telford’ signs will be installed around south Telford in the coming months.

These will feature the borough’s landmark and focal point of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Iron Bridge.

The installation of the new “Welcome to Telford” signs is one of the many projects funded by the £2m Telford 50 Legacy Fund.