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Lighting installation for Ironbridge

Picture of Ironbridge

This project is funded by a £40,000 grant from the Council’s £2 million Telford 50 Legacy Fund.

Due to it, the borough’s most famous structure, the iconic Ironbridge is set to get a new lighting scheme that will allow the bridge to be fully illuminated year round as well as feature the latest in lighting effects and colour projections on special national and local events. 

The illumination of the Ironbridge is an initiative the Council has been working on for some time. This project would benefit the local community and provide new appeal for visitors, while enhancing Ironbridge’s night time economy. 

The permanent bridge lighting scheme follows a trial in 2015 when the Ironbridge was illuminated as one of the world’s outstanding cultural landmarks during the Night of Heritage Light.   

The new system would be permanent and allow the bridge’s east and west sides also to be lit together with additional lighting downstream. The lighting scheme will have the ability to use different colours, levels of lighting and special effects for different events.T

The Council has also secured a further £30,000 from the Arts Council England as part of the destinations Cultural Destinations project to attract more international and national visitors.

April 2018

The Council has appointed lighting design specialists LPA Lighting to design the new lighting scheme to illuminate the Iron Bridge.

The new lighting will be installed to coincide with the reopening of the Bridge in the autumn following extensive restoration works carried out by English Heritage.

LPA Lighting is a consultancy practice set up by designer Liz Peck, who has 18 years experience in the lighting industry – working for leading manufacturers.

She was awarded “Lux Person Of The Year” in 2015 and is closely involved with the Society of Light and Lighting.

Liz will be working on the permanent lighting design with her colleague Bob Bohannon – they both deliver regular training courses at the Lighting Industry Association in Telford so have a personal attachment to the town.

Picture of the lighting on the Ironbridge Picture of the lighting on the Ironbridge Picture of the lighting on the Ironbridge