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Telford @ 50 Community Buildings and Facilities Legacy Fund

Thanks to Telford 50 Legacy Fund, a wide range of communities have secured grants of up to £20,000 for projects that will help them regenerate or buy community buildings and facilities.

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As such, Telford 50 Legacy Fund supports a variety of projects including replacement of roofs, installation of solar panels, replacement of kitchen facilities, new lifts, refurbishment of toilets and many others – that are set to make a real difference for the buildings’ users.

Here are some examples of how the small buildings grants have been used and the impact it had on the community:

Newport Cottage Care received funds to install cladding to preserve the internal walls. Mrs Kerry Nolan, Centre Manager Cottage Care Centre said:

“We are delighted to have secured a Telford 50 Legacy grant that will help us significantly improve our centre’s building and maintain it at good standards for many years to come. This is particularly important to the centre as a suitable, clean environment enables us to continue to provide an excellent service for the elderly within the community.”

Newport Cottage Care Image

Donnington Partnership Charitable Trust has secured a grant for solar panels installation.

Jean Gulliver, Chair of Trustees from the Partnership said:

“With the help of Telford 50 Legacy Fund, we’ve just completed the installation of solar panels at Donnington Community Hub. As such, we are now able to significantly reduce our energy costs and in turn increase the hub’s budget - which will help us sustain the community centre and continue to support our community in the future. This is a true legacy for Telford’s 50th anniversary.”

Donnington Community Hub image

Coalbrookdale and Ironbridge Community Centre Association received funding to modernise the toilet areas.

Louise Lomax, the Chair of Severn Gorge Countryside Trust said:

“This 50 Legacy grant has allowed us to modernise the toilet areas on both floors - which makes our centre more attractive to anyone to hire. We are looking forward to welcoming more groups and as such maintaining our centre as a vital resource for residents of Coalbrookdale and Ironbridge."

coalbrookdale and ironbridge community centre image

Belmont Community Hall in Wellington received funding to replace its kitchen. The hall hosts a wide range of clubs and is at the heart of the community for the many residents who use it.

Mrs Maureen Powell, President of the Community Hall said:

“Our £2,000 Telford 50 Legacy grant has helped us bring our kitchen facilities up to date which means we can continue with the Lunch Club and Tuesday Coffee Morning. This is particularly important as our lunch club provides catering service to around 40 people each week (many of them live alone and if it hadn’t been for our club, they wouldn’t have the opportunity to meet others and enjoy some entertainment).”

Belmont Community Hall image



Wellington Methodist Church secured a grant for replacing heating system.

Dewi Evans from the Church said:

“The £2000 Telford 50 Legacy grant went towards replacing the heating system. This has significantly improved the facility for the many groups that use our hall and made it a more enjoyable environment, for years to come – a true legacy of Telford 50."

Small building grants - wellington methodist church

Arleston Community Centre has secured a £3,916 grant to update the heating system at the centre including the installation of a new boiler and radiators.

Joan Gorse, Secretary of Arleston Trustees Group said:

“Ensuring the comfort of our users has always been our priority. With the support of the Telford 50 Legacy grant, we are now providing them with modern heating facilities and our users really start to see the improvements. Our venue is much used for birthday parties, training, club meetings- every improvement we make helps us sustain the centre and continue to support our community long into the future.”

Small building grants - Arleston Community Centre

Horsehay Village Hall received funding to refurbish its kitchen. The hall is used by the community for a wide range of activities, from family parties, receptions, drama performances to dance and other indoor activities.

John Newnes, Project Manager said: “Our village hall is over 100 years old and we are a small committee who look after maintaining it at the heart of the community."

“We’ve been really pleased to benefit from a £15,403 Telford 50 Legacy grant from the Council. This has helped us to significantly refurbish our kitchen. The work includes plastering work, installation of a new flooring and decoration, fitting of a new door, frame and replacement of roof light and much more."

“As such, we are now in the position to offer a more attractive facility for hirers as well as provide generations in our community with a modernised venue to use.“

Picture of a group of people at Horsehay Village Hall

Priorslee Pre-school is another group who successfully bid for a Telford 50 Legacy grant.

Chairperson John Barker said: “With the help of the £1,854 Telford 50 Legacy grant we’ve managed to replace the boiler in the centre and to make further improvements to the heating system – such changes help to provide our children with a stimulating, comfortable and modern environment.

“Our Pre-School has been successfully running in the local community since 1987 and we do hope to keep it in use and modernise it for many years to come – as a true legacy of Telford 50.”

The Sambrook Centre in the centre of Stirchley has received a £10,000 grant from Telford 50 Legacy Fund.

Chair of the Parish Council, Jackie Loveridge said:  “We are a community centre that prides itself with a wide range services including the Community Library, FairShare Credit Union and rooms available for local groups and agencies delivering services to residents.

“To keep our activities at the very heart of Stirchley and Brookside community we need to continuously make our facilities better – as such, we were delighted to receive a £10,000 legacy grant to support our investment in the refurbishment of the centre.

“The grant helped us to carry out the replacement of ceilings in three areas of the venue, namely the main area (low ceiling section), entrance area and the Green Room”.

Waters Upton Parish Council has received a £6,000 Community Building and Facilities Grant from the Telford 50 Legacy Fund. The grant is to be used to contribute £5,000 towards the acquisition of the Parish Room Croft to ensure the village retains a green space.

A village green and children’s play area will be created on the land for the use of the immediate and wider community. The remaining £1,000 will be used to convert the Parish Community Office into a meeting room and library.

Image of waters upton parish council

Admaston House (run by the Admaston House Community Centre Trust) received a £10k small buildings grant to install a lift in the Victorian part of the venue. 

The centre hosts a wide range of activities for different age groups and it’s recognised as a great community venue and a central meeting point for different groups.    

Roland West, Project Manager, said: “In the coming months we will be carrying out a larger renovation project, to make our centre an even more attractive venue for our current users and also to better suit new users.”

“The £10,000 Telford 50 Legacy grant from Telford & Wrekin Council that will go towards a new lift will significantly help us in our work.

“A refurbished venue with improved facilities for its community is definitely one of the best legacies Telford 50 could leave.”

Wellington Amateurs Football Club is another group who successfully bid for a Telford 50 Legacy grant.

Chairman Paul Gregory said: “Our players, volunteers and supporters deserve the best club venue they could get, now and long into the future.”

“As such, with the help of the £13,104 Telford 50 Legacy grant, we are set to do a wide range of improvements in the coming weeks."

“These include a significant rebuilding of the spectators stand’s roof, improvements to the ceiling, installation of lights in the main club house and spectator stand and many more.”

Exotic Zoo in Priorslee has been awarded a grant of £16,502 to create a special sensory space within the solar dome at the Zoo in Priorslee.

Scott Adams, Director of the Zoo said: “The Telford 50 grant has been greatly appreciated - with the help of it, we are currently turning the solar area within our Zoo into a space we could use for the community. 

“It will become a dedicated sensory area for vulnerable and hard to reach  groups in Telford and Wrekin, where they can learn and be engaged in.

“Or maybe come along to benefit in some animal assisted therapy. Special attention has been made to make it a great space for work with young people suffering from conditions such as ADHD and Asperger’s.

“The area is being refurbished with artificial trees and plants to accommodate lots of exciting interactive activities and the path to the sensory dome is also being resurfaced, thanks to the Telford 50 grant.

“We hope lots of visitors will enjoy and make use of our new facility.”

The Hindu Cultural Resource Centre in Dawley has been awarded a grant of £19,250 to completely refurbish the first floor of its centre and make it a functional space for the community to use for various activities.

Mr Bhupendra Gohil said:  ““Our Temple is the only Hindu Temple for Telford and Wrekin and as such, we serve quite a large community.

“The space at the first floor has been unused for a while – but recently, with the help of a grant from the Telford 50 Legacy Fund, we’ve been able to make tremendous improvements, with significant refurbishments underway. "

“Once the refurbishments are completed, we will be able to use our centre for various activities and classes – this is very much welcomed by our community and indeed a true legacy of Telford 50.”

Dawley Baptist Church has also been awarded a £20,000 grant from the Telford 50 Legacy fund to go towards the building of an extension for community facilities, as part of the Church.

Ian Olliver, Minister of the Church said: “We’ve always recognised the need for a larger community space in Dawley Bank that would enable more people to come together as a community and enjoy a wider range of activities.

“This grant from Telford 50 Legacy fund means that this can now happen – we can build an annex to the Church that will create three rooms and a proper kitchen for the community to use long into the future.”

Sambrook Village Hall in Newport has received a £10,000 grant to upgrade its heating system and install a disabled access toilet.

Neil Robson, Chairman of the Hall, said: “We are really grateful for the Telford 50 Legacy grant received – with the help of it, we’ve managed to already create a disabled access into the building and a disabled toilet.

“We’ve also significantly updated what’s on offer in our main hall, with lots of activities from yoga classes, lunch clubs to dance nights.

“There’s still more work to be done – for example, we plan next a refurbishment of the kitchen.

“The more we can make our centre work for the community, the better – this Legacy grant will make a difference long into the future.“

Punjabi Cultural Academy received a Telford 50 grant to go towards an extension of the property, to create the Guru Nanak Punjabi Academy Learning Centre to support the learning of cultural heritage and languages for the Punjabi community. This build is expected to be completed in the next couple of weeks.

Image of the Sikh Gurdwara


The Legacy Fund scheme was open to bids earlier in 2018 from community groups, charities, social enterprises, town and parish councils, schools or faith groups.

They could put forward their ideas for a share of the £240,000 grant to go towards improving a range of community buildings and facilities within Telford and Wrekin and helping create new facilities.

Successful bidders also contributed an extra 20% cash in match funding.

Here is how the groups could apply and the deadlines that were available.