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Telford 50 programme


To celebrate Telford’s 50th birthday Telford & Wrekin Council is organising a range of 50th anniversary celebrations and events, with the support of its partners.

The programme of events will include festivals, carnivals, events, community picnics and other festive activities that people can join in. Find out more on what’s going on.

By creating a borough-wide Telford 50 programme, we aim to bring many thousands of people together and demonstrate the pride people living here have in their towns and communities.

At the same time, we want the developing Telford 50 programme to attract more visitors to Telford and raise our profile as a destination, promoting tourism and benefiting our economy.

Be raising our profile, boosting Telford’s economy, tourism potential and promoting and strengthening our identity as a town that people are proud to live in and where they get involved, we help make it an even better place to live, work and visit.

As part of the anniversary story, there are resources to support communities to do things for themselves, and the Telford Pride @ 50 Celebration Grant funding has been made available for legacy projects which will help to open a new chapter in the borough’s development.

Telford 50 is, more than anything, a celebration of our people, for people. We want to give the opportunity to as many people as possible from across the borough to get involved in the celebrations. If you are interested, check out our Get Involved section. There is a number of resources available to help you promote the anniversary.

Getting involved also means you being part of our Telford 50 story. Therefore we would love to hear about your Telford story, memories or anecdotes.

This website will be updated as we get closer to, and throughout, our birthday year. If you want to be kept up-to-date of the full programme of events, register here and join our dedicated Facebook group.