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Photo Challenge

Photo challenge

What is the photo challenge about

To celebrate Telford’s 50th anniversary, we want you to capture the best of Telford and take part in a weekly photo challenge, covering 50 themes. 

Each week we’ll have a specific theme and we’ll invite you to share your photos with us.  

At the beginning of each week, we will post a gallery on the Telford 50 website and in the Telford 50 Facebook group with photos from the previous week and invite you to vote in Telford 50 group for the one you consider to be the best and to deserve the title “Photo of the week”. 

To vote, you’ll need to join the Telford 50 Facebook group

How the photos will be used

The photos will become part of a Telford 50 social archive to show Telford in its 50th anniversary year and what makes our borough a great place to live, work or visit! 

We also intend to use the photos throughout the year, in events and exhibitions.

How to send your photo(s)

You can send your photos either by emailing and/or by sharing the photos in the Telford 50 Facebook group on the Council’s page. You can send more than one photo. 

Who can take part

Anyone can take part, whether resident or non-resident of Telford! 


By taking part, you agree that the photo(s) submitted may be used by the Council for Telford 50 promotion  (including social media channels) and other media partners. 

The Council reserves the right to exclude/ remove any photos considered inappropriate. 

Please only send photos in line with the themes chosen for specific weeks.

Week 43  -  Halloween

The next photo challenge has taken an eerie turn:
Join in the fun if you have some time to burn
Halloween time is finally here
So all photographers get ready and face your fear.
Get out and about and capture some spooky sights
And share with us to give us a fright. 

Share in the dedicated Facebook album.

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