Telford 50 is Coming Soon...

The Big Green Vote

Group of people promoting the Big Green Vote
As part of Telford’s 50th birthday celebrations, Telford & Wrekin Council is launching the second phase of its Green Guarantee scheme with the Big Green Vote.

Not only will we be protecting 96 new sites from development, but through a public vote, 50 of those sites will be awarded support of up to £1,000 to enhance the places that mean the most to residents.

Voting is easy, simply register and cast your five votes for the places you would like to see supported, you can even share your pictures and comments and tell us about your favourite places.

The type of support will depend upon the site, for example in woodlands you might want to see some new saplings, open areas may benefit from planting schemes with new seeds and bulbs or bat and bird boxes to encourage more wildlife to the area. We’ll work with you to help get the best support.

Some 89 per cent of us have a green space within 300m of our homes and live in a town that has twice the national recommended area of nature reserve forming a rich green network of 13 Local Nature Reserves as well as Fields in Trust, Sites of Special Scientific Interest and woodlands and waterways within easy reach.

The Big Green Vote is your chance to discover new areas that are likely to be on your doorstep and join in with supporting Green Guarantee sites through the interactive vote.

Our photography challenge - Telford's Secret Spaces started in February and is another way to get involved by sharing your perspective on green spaces. You could even join in with the amazing community groups who work to make Telford’s green spaces so special.

Find out more by visiting The Big Green Vote website and learn about how the Council is working to protect its green network.