Telford 50 is Coming Soon...

Tackling homelessness

Homeless man sleeping on the streets

£100,000 from Telford 50 Legacy fund will be invested in tackling homelessness in the borough.

A Homelessness Advisory Panel has been set up to look at how the money could best be spent to prevent homelessness and support those who are homeless.

The Council is talking to key relevant partner organisations such as Maninplace, TACT and Stay to identify how the money can best be spent.

The panel will be advising Councillor Davies and deputy leader Councillor Richard Overton, who will also be lobbying government to try and secure match funding.

How the money is spent has been decided by the small advisory panel involving council representatives and key partners like Maninplace, STAY, TACT and the YMCA.

The money will be used to fund the following:

•Tenant ready training: the aim is for this to be an accredited training package so tenants receive a certificate at the end of the training to help them demonstrate to prospective landlords that they are able to be good tenants

•Recruitment of a homelessness mental health worker – to work directly with homeless people with mental health issues. This will involve proactive help, such as getting people into local volunteering opportunities and training programmes

•Recruitment of a resettlement officer – to co-ordinate and deliver accommodation to aid community resettlement and supervision for offenders

•Recruitment of a life coach – to work one to one with homeless people that do not interact well with others, building up to small groups where people can gain the confidence can go onto employment/training

•Recruitment of a Volunteer Link Co-ordinator – to make best use of existing volunteers and attract new volunteers and attract new volunteers to assist homeless people and also to manage and be a main point of contact for community donations


New legislation called the Homelessness Reduction Act was introduced in April which placed greater onus on local authorities to take action to help those who are homeless.

However in Telford and Wrekin, the council has already invested in additional staffing over and above the funding allocated to every local authority by government.

This follows on from funding the council made available last year to enable support for rough sleepers to be provided all year round and not just in the three coldest months of the year.