Telford 50 - What's Next?

Tackling homelessness

Homeless man sleeping on the streets

£100,000 from Telford 50 Legacy fund is being invested in tackling homelessness in the borough.

A Homelessness Advisory Panel has been set up to look at how the money could best be spent to prevent homelessness and support those who are homeless.

How the money is spent has been decided by the small advisory panel involving council representatives and key partners like Maninplace, STAY, TACT and the YMCA.

The money is being used to fund the following:

•A new homelessness mental health worker – to work directly with homeless people with mental health issues and helping them to find volunteering opportunities and training.

•A new resettlement officer – to help offenders resettle into communities.

•Recruitment of an Engagement Coach – to work one to one with homeless clients who are not able to work in groups, by supporting them and helping them to gain confidence and to move into employment and sustainable accommodation.  

•Recruitment of a Volunteer Link Co-ordinator – to make best use of existing volunteers and attract new ones to help homeless people and to co-ordinate donations.

•Tenant ready training: a training package to help clients to learn essential skills and knowledge in becoming or sustaining a long term tenancy.  

The additional services will assist with the prevention and relief of homelessness along with the existing advice provided by the Council’s Housing Solutions team.  The service assists each year around 3000 people across the borough with housing advice and assistance. 


New legislation called the Homelessness Reduction Act was introduced last year which placed greater onus on local authorities to take action to help those who are homeless.

However in Telford and Wrekin, the council has already invested in additional staffing over and above the funding allocated to every local authority by government.

This follows on from funding the council made available two years before to enable support for rough sleepers to be provided all year round and not just in the three coldest months of the year.