Telford 50 is Coming Soon...

New lease of life to iconic children’s play equipment

As part of the £2m Telford 50 Legacy Fund, the borough’s most iconic piece of play equipment has been refurbished.

Thousands of children each year play on the so-called spider’s web climbing frame which is at the heart of one of the borough’s top attractions Telford Town Park.

It was installed nearly 20 years ago, however the play equipment came to the end of its useful life.

Now thanks to the Council’s Telford 50 Legacy Fund, a new spider’s web has been installed to keep this kids’ favourite in the town park for years to come.

The new web includes some new swing seats as part of the frame.

The £60,000 investment provides Telford and the Town Park with a lasting legacy for generations.

The Town Park attracts more than 700,000 visitors each year and the new spiders web will provide children with years of fun long after the Telford 50 celebrations end.