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Telford 50 - 'The Ironbridge Ogre' book

The Ironbridge Ogre is a young children's mythical story book set in the heart of Telford, written and illustrated by Toni Sian Williams in celebration of Telford 50.

You will soon be able to purchase the book online and through local bookshops.

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Telford 50 Ted

Exclusively produced for Telford 50, this cute teddy bear with the golden logo across his chest is a lovely keepsake and memento of the occasion.

Product Price
Telford 50 ted £6.99
SPECIAL OFFER! 2 x Telford 50 ted £12

Telford 50 trolley token

This stylish keyring keepsake with the golden Telford 50 logo can go everywhere with you and is useful for trolleys at the supermarket, gym lockers, stations and airports.

Product Price
Telford 50 trolley token £1

The Telford 50 Ted and trolley Token are available to purchase throughout 2018 in various locations across the borough, a detailed list can be found below:

'The Ironbridge Orge'

The Ironbridge Orge book image

Telford Ted

Telford 50 Teddy Bear

Trolley token

Telford 50 Trolley Token