Telford 50 is Coming Soon...

Get involved

Telford 50 is, more than anything, a celebration of people, for people.

We want to give the opportunity to as many people as possible from across the borough to get involved in the celebrations.

You can get involved as:

and there are a number of resources available to help you promote the anniversary.

An excellent resource that brings together communities and businesses willing to be associated with Telford 50 is the sponsorship matching website.

If businesses would like to offer their support to some of the Telford 50 local community events taking place across the borough, they can find those events and link directly with the organisers through the sponsorship matching website.

Communities organising a Telford 50 celebration can also use the sponsorship matching website to advertise their event and attract support from businesses and organisations.

Before you decide to take part, we would appreciate if you could have a look at our communication guidelines, as we aim to ensure a consistent approach of Telford 50 promotion all across the various partners that join us in the celebrations.

A woman taking a picture with her camera

Take part in a weekly photo challenge, to capture the best of Telford.

Group of people promoting the Big Green Vote

50 sites across the Borough will be given access to £50,000 of funding to help enhance the area. Vote now for your favourite ones!

Resources banner

Check all the resources available to help you get involved in Telford's 50th celebrations!

pile of coins

The Telford @ 50 Community Buildings and Facilities Legacy Fund aims to breathe new life into a range of community buildings and facilities within Telford and Wrekin.