Telford 50 is Coming Soon...


With so much going on for the Telford 50 anniversary – from voting on our anniversary logo, available funding, what sort of legacy schemes you’d like to see, up to the actual events and activities during our anniversary year (parties, festivals, carnivals, and so on) – you will find all news releases in our Telford 50 – Newsroom.

Below are the top stories:

Top news

Telford 50 anniversary celebrations begin, bringing communities together

The Telford 50 celebrations began with a laser art installation that traversed the borough, connecting communities on its path across the borough – representing how the 50th anniversary connects people and places and reflecting Telford 50’s theme of light, symbolising celebration and the borough’s bright future.

Telford Pride @ 50 Celebration Grant – successful applicants get Council’s support

Telford & Wrekin Council’s Telford Pride @ 50 Celebration Grant is set to support 43 communities to hold their Telford 50th birthday events.

Lasers light the sky to mark the start of Telford 50 anniversary year!

A unique laser art display by laser artist Dal Badial will mark the opening of Telford’s 50th anniversary year on 1 and 2 January.

Happy 49th birthday, Telford! One year to go to the Big 50!

Telford turns 49 years old tomorrow, 29.11 (marking the date of its designation as Telford New Town) and preparations for the Big 50th anniversary in 2018 are forging ahead!

Big Top celebration for double 50th

Next year brings a double 50th birthday for Telford – both the town and Oakengates Theatre @ The Place will celebrate five decades!

Telford 50 – Anniversary events fund swamped with applications

The Council invites anyone feeling creative to get involved in Telford 50 celebrations and put forward short statements and words that have the chance of being incorporated into the new extension to Southwater Square.

Could you be a Telford 50 GEM?

Could you be part of the volunteer army that helps Telford’s 50th birthday celebrations go off with bang in 2018?

Telford at 50 – get your words carved into the new Southwater Square

Telford & Wrekin Council has received over 120 applications for funding community events to mark Telford’s 50th anniversary. The total value of the applications is more than £200,000, over four times the £50k Telford Pride @ 50 Celebration Grant the Council has put aside to support community-led events for Telford 50.

Events for The Big 50

To celebrate Telford’s 50th birthday next year, the Council is organising and supporting a range of anniversary celebrations and events. This will include parties, festivals, carnivals, events and other festive activities that people can join in.

Almost 1,400 responses to Telford 50 consultation survey on legacy projects

The Council wants as many people as possible to be involved in preparations for Telford’s 50th anniversary in 2018.

Telford at 50 – YOU come up with the idea, we could help with funding

If YOU have a great idea for a celebration for Telford’s 50th birthday in 2018 but don’t quite have the budget, you can now apply for funding to help make this happen.

Telford turns 50 – more to come in preparation for the anniversary, watch out for it!

There is no secret that Telford turns 50 in 2018 and the preparations for the big anniversary are forging ahead!

Telford 50 anniversary logo revealed at the Carnival of Giants

Telford turns 50 in 2018! In preparation for this, the Council asked people to vote online to choose Telford’s 50th anniversary logo, which will be used to help mark the 50th celebrations.

What projects would you like to see as lasting legacy of Telford's 50th anniversary?

Telford turns 50 in 2018, which is a significant milestone in the development of the town.

2m fund to create borough legacy projects for Telford 50

Telford & Wrekin Council’s Cabinet is set to approve plans for a £2m fund for a range of projects to create a lasting legacy of the anniversary.

A woman taking a picture with her camera

Take part in a weekly photo challenge, to capture the best of Telford.

All our projects aim to get as many people as possible involved, check out opportunities. We would love to hear and spread the news about the things you are doing for Telford 50! Register your events or contact us.