Telford 50 is Coming Soon...

About Telford at 50

  • 10 years ago…The iconic iPhone 3G phone model was released.
  • 20 years ago…. Google, the world’s favourite search engine was founded
  • 30 years ago…Hello! Magazine is launched in the UK
  • 40 years ago … Louise Brown becomes the world's first “test tube” baby
  • And 50 years ago, Telford was born!

On 29 November 2018 Telford will reach its 50th birthday, marking the date of the Designation of the New Town, a significant milestone in the on-going development of our town and is a fantastic opportunity for communities to come together to celebrate.

Telford is an ever evolving and developing town in the West Midlands which continues to make its mark as a place of innovation, invention and technology harking back to its industrial heritage and significant history. Telford has drive, ambition and energy and we want to highlight and celebrate the town’s exceptional momentum and our exciting future as a great place to live, work in or to visit.

The anniversary gives us an opportunity to celebrate Telford’s heritage, many achievements and its exciting future as a developing and growing town, named after the famous civil engineer Thomas Telford, Telford is often called the “birthplace of industry” due to places in the borough such as the Ironbridge Gorge that are internationally recognised for their key role in the industrial revolution. Ironbridge Gorge is also a scenic tourist destination and part of UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Although there is much to celebrate from our extensive history and heritage, in telling the story of the 50 years of Telford there is so much more about Telford to discover. Find out more about our special places, green spaces, lovely people and exciting events by visiting Discover Telford website.

Telford is a place that is constantly changing – we are proud to be the fastest growing town in the West Midlands and are now seeing a significant investment and regeneration that will further put our Borough on the map.

Let’s not forget that Telford is simply a happy place to live in - we have been listed in the top ten happiest places to live in the UK (Rightmove survey, 2014). Now we’re making it an even better place. Discover 50 things to do in Telford.

Telford is a great place to live and the exciting year of celebrations that we have planned will bring thousands of people together and show the pride that we have in our fantastic community.