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Grant funding is available to support communities to hold a celebration event for Telford’s 50th Birthday during the course of 2018. Events must be distinct and different to those events that are usually carried out by the group over the course of a year and must be open allowing the whole community to get involved.

All events must celebrate Telford’s 50th birthday, in addition to celebrating Telford’s 50th Birthday the event must fall under at least one of the following themes:

  • People and places – celebrating the people, both past and present, which have made our community what it is today, celebrating the places which are special in your community and which bring you together. Examples could include:
    • Hold an event to share and celebrate your research on local history, create an exhibition.
    • Hold a community event and bury a time capsule letting future generations know how you celebrated and what you think the future may look like.
    • Hold a picnic to celebrate those important people that support the community.
    • Hold a 60s or 80s street party.
    • Hold a reminiscence evening where local people are invited to tell their stories and share memories.

  • Culture and communities – celebrating the bringing together of the many cultures that make our communities. Examples could include:
    • Holding a community lunch, sharing food from different cultures.
    • Exploring art, culture, fashion and food from different cultures across the 50 years.
    • Create a quilt or tapestry.
    • Put on a lantern parade.
    • Faith Groups inviting their local communities to a garden party.
    • Hold a dance party to celebrate the decades of music and dance styles.

  • Green spaces – celebrating and exploring the many green spaces in Telford. Examples could include:
    • Hold a wild kids day – where children explore outdoors - search for mini beasts, plant flowers and vegetables, make mud pies or go on a bear hunt.
    • Create a new growing space in your community – a vegetable plot where the community can pick their own, or new flower bed to brighten up the area.
    • Hold an allotment barbecue or picnic.

  • Get active – bring the community together to do something active. Examples could include:
    • Borrow one of our sports bags and hold a mini sports day.
    • Hold a street games event using traditional games e.g. skipping, hula hoops, hopscotch, to encourage kids to get active.
    • Hold ‘walks from my front door’ in your neighbourhood or arrange a group walk to explore local heritage trails.
    • Set up mini tournaments in football, tennis, bowls.
    • Close your street and hold a street game event in your neighbourhood.

We are particularly interested in events that look to increase or develop volunteering opportunities, involve the wider community in organising the event and events that are young person led.

Where there are a number of applications for one geographical area and potential duplication of efforts we may suggest a partnership approach in planning and holding your event, so it’s worth finding out what else is being planned in your area before you submit your application.

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